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I feel like the hardest thing in life is wanting someone you can’t have. Especially when you love them. But you go on, not because your life goes on. Because loving them is more important than having them and I just want them to be happy. So if not being with me makes you happy then its something I will have to live with. So instead of moving on with my life, I’m just going on with my life

I fucking love you oh so much. I honestly do. But right now, I cant stand too look at you because of what I am going through with you. To have thought I have FINALLY found the one to always make me happy and smile. Then I get the middle of nowhere and stranded by you. As if you up and disappeared from my life one day and didnt look back. I feel like you abandoned me and yet, this feeling of love is still lingering waiting for you to come back and hold me in your arms.


I care.!!!! D:

I care for you in a way that is unique in the way people our age “care” for eachother. It is more than your physical health and making sure you are safe and sound. I want you to be the happiest you can be. I care so much that if there is someone Woww out there that you feel can make you happier and offer you more than I can, I WANT you to have them. If there is a need I am unable to meet and there is another out there that can fulfill it, then by golly I want you to be with them. It’s too selfish of me to keep you as my own when someone out there is better than me for you. You need to be happy and you deserve it. One of the kindest and most generous guys I have ever met. I almost feel that I don’t deserve you. You treat me with the utmost respect and are so caring for me that makes me scared I am not good enough for you. Losing you is the last thing I want but it it means that you will be happier its a sacrifice I am willing to make. Relationships come with sacrifice and if I have to sacrifice myself doe you then its something I am ready to do.


All I want is for you to be straight up. I don’t want to be looking stupid here thinking that you like me but then I feel that you don’t want anything to do with me anymore. When we are within sight of eachother we are amazing. Always have fun and relaxed but then when were not next to eachother I feel ignored and abandoned. How much will I be able to rake of this before I have to say eff it:(

Things been good. Glad I am who am and been where I been. You are just the kinda guy I am lookin for. I really hope this is something I can look back on and it be a good time in my life. Although its very early to decide where this is going. I just hope you are as happy to have met as I am.

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